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Mog's G1Xon Patches Set 1

A collection of 10 patches for the ZOOM G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor.

Mog's ZOOM G1Xon
Set 1

for ToneLib Zoom

Patch names and comment:

Dead Rat (Make some noise)

Deep Space (A nice spacey sound)

Fluid Flow (Similar to Phil Manzanera's Primitive Guitar sound)

Hack It (A "Please Don't Touch" of Steve Hackett)

Lot Of Air (Double plus echo)

One For U (A feast of sustain and feedback)

Ozone (Sustain and flange)

Sweet Vibe (Lots of vibrato for a 60's sound)

The Biter (For some reason this upset my dog)

Wah Scream (This could make your ears bleed)

The downloaded patches have to be transfered to the G1Xon using ToneLib Zoom. The zip file also contains a pdf which details all the patch parameters so that the patch can be inputted manually if required.

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