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Mog's G1Xon Patches Set 2

A collection of 10 patches for the ZOOM G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor.

Mog's ZOOM G1Xon
Set 2

for ToneLib Zoom


Aco Ver 1 (Exciter+AcoSim+Comp+Flanger+Air)

Dream (SlowAttck+ToneCity+Vibrato+Delay+Air)

Easy Tiger (OptComp+DeluxeR+ZClean+Ensemble+Arena)

Echo Echo (VinFlngr+Comp+VXJimi+Delay)

Jazz Hands (ZNR+160Comp+Booster+VXJimi+Hall)

Krank (160Comp+Revo1+ModReverb)

Pink Orb (Lead+DeluxeR+Air+Arena)

Swamp Echo (TapeEcho+CoronaTri+Comp+HWStack)

True Grit (Comp+Dist+USBlues+Delay+Air)

Upper Cut (Comp+ZScream+HWStack+Arena+Air)

The downloaded patches have to be transfered to the G1Xon using ToneLib Zoom. The zip file also contains a pdf which details all the patch parameters so that the patch can be set manually without using the ToneLib Zoom software.

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